ROC - Plas  yn Bonwm  - Holyhead Road

Corwen  Denbighshire  -  LL21 9EG

Tel:  01490  413452 / 413440


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The base systems

The base kits consist of a range of steel, vertically adjustable, Industrial strength feet, designed to

give maximum support to the timbers supporting

the underside of the Garden Building.

Because the feet are vertically adjustable, there is

no need to prepare the site at all,  just set out the

feet, install the timber frame, level the base and

erect the building. Very DIY friendly

Our systems are  ideal for Large, Heavy

Workshops, Sun Rooms and Log Cabins, as

well as smaller sheds and Greenhouses etc

25 year warranty on base components

DIY friendly - Industrial strength - Cost effective Base Kits

Made in Wales

With a base kit :-

There is no “Hard Labour” site levelling required at all

Our base system lifts the building above the ground

The industrial strength brackets ensure a long life

An easy system to understand and easy to install

Costs at least  50%  less than a concrete base

Up to 130mm of vertical adjustment on each foot

Timber cutting lists supplied


to kit purchasers


PREMIER. for large heavy usage buildings BUDGET. for smaller lighter usage buildings

LITE . a low- cost option for smaller buildings

** Kits from as little as  £66.00 delivered **