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Difficult sites Gallery

We are pleased to use pictures of clients  projects

 that satisfied clients have  sent to us over the years

We have received hundreds of comments, letters and photos during the

 last 18 years taken by clients who have used our base systems.

The images on this website are just a few of them

They found our bases easy to install…. And so will you !

. 25 year warranty on base components

The base that safely raises your building up off of the

ground no matter how BIG or SMALL or what SHAPE it is !

 Our unique range of 12 different  adjustable feet  provide solutions for every shape Rectangular, Square, Hexagonal, Octagonal, L Shape, T shape, our bases can cope

No site levelling, No hole digging, No concreting, No compacting of earth

Industrial strength adjustable steel  feet  ensure a very long and safe life

Costs at least  60% less than a traditional concrete base in most cases

Up to 130mm of vertical adjustment on each foot.  Extra long foot posts available

Use any size of treated timber to suit your requirements   ( Ideally 100 x 47mm )

Easy to install - Easy to take with you if you move - leaves no deep holes or mess

Made in Wales

Timber cutting lists supplied


to kit  purchasers

Shedbases systems are covered by

Patent pending No GB0823044.3

 The Ezebuild Shed base system

The professionals choice

 Set of 6 feet from as little as £66.00

Set of 8 feet from as little as £84.00

All of our prices include delivery charges !!

Suppliers of garden-building bases since 1996