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Vertically Adjustable Shed Base Systems

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Made in Wales

ROC - Plas  yn Bonwm  - Holyhead Road

Corwen  Denbighshire  -  LL21 9EG


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Our kits are

Very DIY friendly

No hole digging required

No site levelling needed

No soil compacting needed

No concreting involved

Very easy to install  

Ideal for sloping /non-level sites

25 year warranty









Four Different Base kits

Qwikbase - Standard

Premier - Ultra

For different sizes / types of Garden buildings


  Bases for all

Shapes, Sizes

and Budgets

Laying a concrete base for your garden building has been the traditional method for many years but can be very difficult, requiring much preparation, and if laid by a contractor, very expensive.  The Shedbases Ezebuild base system is very simple and DIY friendly, requiring only a few ordinary tools and can easily be installed by a single DIY person, although it is quicker with two. The Ezebuild base system was first sold in 1996 and has been purchased many hundreds of time since then.   Unlike the plastic tray systems there is no site preparation required, plastic trays only work if the site is perfectly flat and thoroughly compacted.  If not the base trays will sink unevenly causing stresses within the building to occur. Furthermore,  the plastic tray systems have the support timbers resting directly onto a wet surface during rainy periods. The Ezebuild system lifts the support timbers above the ground away from surface water. A further important fact is that the Ezebuild base is a “point loading “ system. This means that all of the building weight is supported onto the feet. By careful planning you can avoid pressure on drains, underground cables etc.   These are some of the reason why the Ezebuild base system is so popular.

                 Easy to build           No skill required           Comprehensive instructions          Help desk available five days a week

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From as little as

£82.00 for 6  

Heavy duty steel

adjustable feet

* including VAT & delivery *

Also suitable for decking supports

Low Cost Qwikbase kits

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 Need a complete base for your garden building

Our Base-plus Kits include

     A Complete Adjustable Base kit  

        Plus All of the Timbers and            concrete pads needed

             We will calculate what you need and

deliver all items on the same day


delivered it all on the same day


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Why are timbers not included with the Base

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