ROC - Plas  yn Bonwm  - Holyhead Road

Corwen  Denbighshire  -  LL21 9EG

Tel:  01490  413452 / 413440


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A business built on good foundations

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Patent pending No GB0823044.3

The base that safely raises your building up off the ground no matter how BIG or SMALL or what-ever SHAPE it is !

Our unique range of vertically adjustable feet  provide the perfect solution for every

shape of building - L shape - T shape - Octagonal - Hexagonal - up to 12 sided - etc

Just bolt the timbers into the Ezebuild adjustable feet, using the fixings

supplied, to provide a super strong, long life base for your garden building

Our base kits include all fixings plus detailed instructions

No digging - No levelling - No compacting - No hard labour

* Your New Garden Building deserves a Professional Base… Not a Cheapie ! *

Timber cutting lists supplied


to kit  purchasers

Made in Wales

The Ezebuild Shed base system High strength steel - Tensile strength bolts and nuts

The professionals choice

 Set of 6 feet from as little as £66.00

Set of 8 feet from as little as £86.00

All of our prices include delivery charges !!

Purchase a base kit * PLUS * timber and blocks - all delivered to your site … see main menu