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What ground preparation is required

for the Ezebuild  base kit

Dense concrete blocks laid on their side and sunk into the ground with the top level with the surface Once the timber base frame is completely  assembled, the shed floor can be screwed to the timber frame and the shed can be erected onto the floor All kits are supplied with all nuts, bolts etc to complete the base assembly All kits are delivered by courier and contain a comprehensive set of  instructions

For Decking  supports use our


Easy to install - No digging involved

Surplus threaded rod goes into

the ground.

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The site does not need to be level or flat.  If the site is established, ( it has not been altered or disturbed for a number of years ), then quite possibly you could stand the feet directly onto the site without the need for any other support. An example would be an established gravel area or brick drive.If this is not the case then a dense concrete block, 440 x 215 x 100mm, should be laid on it’s side under each foot and sunk 100mm  into the site if possible so that  the upper surface is level with the surrounding area. These blocks are available at low cost from your local builders merchant.  Alternatively, paving slabs can be used instead of concrete blocks

If the slope of the site is greater than the total amount of adjustment available then a simple solution is to purchase 100mm thick blocks at the highest end and thicker blocks such as 140mm or 210mm thick blocks for the lower ends but only sink them into the ground 100mm as with the higher end. This will leave 40mm or 110mm above the ground and, if used with the FX1 feet, will give a maximum difference of 200mm in height between the higher and lower site levels. You can also bed a second block on top of the lower blocks to raise the feet even higher. Having a greatly extended foot post can make the building unstable ( i.e. stilts )    It is better to raise the foundation block

Sloping sites