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1) Lay your timbers out ( not supplied in kit ) to form a square or rectangle the  size of your base with the 47mm side on to the ground and overlapping the corners as shown on the right.  ( A  )

2) Place the foot into the corner upside down and mark through the four holes in the bracket for the coach screws whilst keeping the metal bracket level with the top of the timbers. ( X ) This will ensure that the bracket is level with the bottom of the timber when turned the correct way up.

3) Drill a 8mm hole through each of the marks to a depth of 35mm into the timber, ( place insulating tape around the drill bit 35mm from the point, this will tell you when to stop drilling. )

4) Place and tighten the four screws through the  bracket into the timbers using a 10mm spanner / socket

5) Repeat on all of the other feet.  Screw the nuts and then the base plates on to each of the posts ( with the base plate nut facing downwards,) continue until each plate is half way down.

6) Turn the base the correct way up  ( B )

                   Simple foot locating method

7) Place the frame into the location for the shed and check the levels and check the diagonals ( corner to opposing corner )  which should measure the same approximately.

8)To achieve a level base, spin the base plates up or down on each corner, pressing downwards on the corners until the post sinks into the ground and the base plate sits on top of the ground. Once the outer corners are correct,  lower any other base plates down until they also rest firmly on the ground

9) Check levels again and adjust the base plates up or down as required.  When correct, tighten the locking nut down onto the base plate nut.

10) Finally, grease the threaded exposed post above ground with vaseline or grease to prevent rusting.

11) Fix your building floor onto the base.

Method of Assembly - QWA brackets

Designed for use with

100 x 47mm treated timbers

180mm of overall adjustment

Ideally, a minimum of 100mm of post should  be below ground

Simple and cost effective

No special tools required




Lap timbers 90 degrees

on each corner as shown


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